Amy Lynne Hayes

a cocktail of creativity

One part artist, a splash of designer, a twist of writer… garnish and serve.

Brand Strategy

Before your brand does anything, you need to be clear about two things: who you are and why they should care. Then we focus on what you offer, and how they can buy from you.

Web Design

Once you’re clear on your brand, you need a web presence to match. I design your website to delight your audience, and make it easy for anyone to say yes to working with you.

Visual Storytelling

From a well-curated Instagram feed to choosing the perfect visuals for pitch decks, website, and other brand materials, what you’re communicating without words speaks volumes.


I’ve never been one to stay still for long, spending nearly 8 years living overseas, first in London, then Paris, and finally in Melbourne, Australia, visiting more than 30 countries along the way.

For travelers, by a traveler

Creativity can’t be born out of stagnation

Online Boutique

The Global Creator Shop

The Global Creator shop is where I have gathered everything that would delight a modern day globetrotter, drawing on my own 15+ years of travel for inspiration. Here is  where I sell carefully curated travel-related goods, wellness products, and designer wares, with a focus on supporting local artisans and makers around the world.

Branding | Web Design | Visual Storytelling

The Global Creator Studio

At The GC Studio, we build magnetic brands for freedom-driven entrepreneurs so that they can be paid well while creating a career and lifestyle they love. We craft clear brand strategies, build beautiful online platforms, and teach companies and solopreneurs how to present themselves more effectively for better results.

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